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Incredible AI Based Customer Service Chabot for your website

With our world-class chatbot services, now you can instantly answer your website visitors at all times. Minimize your support work and enhance your customer experience to improve your sales. Do you know that companies are losing around $62 Billion annually due to poor customer service? Customer support is always considered as a challenging and expensive endeavor. If your customer is not getting the instant support from your end, he will immediately move towards your competitors.

Get an AI Based Chatbot Services for your website, which enables you to provide 24/7 support to your customers. It could offer you information about your products and services to your customers, reply to their frequently asked questions, guide them to the right pages of their website and collect questions that it can’t reply and pass those to your team members.

It can provide information about your products and services to your customers, answer their frequently asked questions, guide them to the right pages of their website, and collect questions that it can’t answer and pass those to your team. It can also collect customer’s email and phone number so that you can reach back to the customer.

Provide 24/7 customer services to your website visitors

Our AI Based Customer Services Chatbot performs 24/7 to assist your question round the clock. So, even if your team is not enjoying vacations, you could be rest assured that your client are not left unattended. Also, they will really appreciate the robust technology, which your business uses to keep them happy and contented.

Increase Website Sales

Around 75 percent of the individuals are likely to switch brands if they find the buying power too difficult. A customer service chatbot will always help your customers by providing them the right information that they need to complete the purchase process. It can even negotiate with them and offer a discount coupon to close the sale!

Get more qualified leads

Already your sales team is tired of calling the individuals, who are no more

Your sales team is already tired of calling people who are not relevant for your business. A chatbot can help pre-qualify leads by asking them right questions to narrow down the leads to the ones that are fit. And those leads are then sent to your sales team in real-time for further follow up and closure.

Reduce Customer Support Cost

As your website revenue expands, so do the support queries. Luckily, a lot of support queries are on a similar pattern (like, what is your return policy), and are perfect fit for a customer service chatbot. So, by investing in a customer service chatbot, you actually end up saving a lot on your customer support cost.

Be Better Than Your Competitors

You have the bunch of competitors that are selling similar products / services. Providing a customer service chatbot is an ideal way to be better than them. If your customers have choices, they would go with the one who looks more modern; that’s exactly what a chatbot service would make you look.

Always learning, Always improving

Over the period of time, all those can also be configured in your chatbot to make it smarter and answer more questions. Your chatbot is always learning.


A common perception is that a customer service chabot is expensive. Techno Pearls provides custom chatbots to businesses like you at a very cost-effective price so that everyone can revere your changes to the customer services with the advantages.

The initial chatbot is set up for your business based on the information that your customer service team provides. However, your customers might be asking a lot more questions, add an advanced AI based chatbot to their website.

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