SMS Marketing India

Gaining the Interests of Your Users through Messaging

With the emergence of communication networks, personal medium of connection has to be visually brought into the use so that positive impact is left on the users. No matter whatever is the communication medium, it has to be powerful enough to retain the customers. Every consumer holds back the information of the services they wish for but still they want to get connected with the big brands. Mobiles and Smart phones are now used as the best portable medium through which you can communicate across the world and look for whatever you want to have. At personal level it is of the great use on daily basis for endless demands you have.

Profession in which you are dealing with needs to get promoted in the market, so a valuable concept is required to make the space in the minds of the consumers. It is possible to do with marketing through messages. Isn’t it interesting? SMS marketing is another branding service which is helping medium and large businesses to expand their outreach worldwide but at the same time you cannot make so many promotional offers to anyone without the approval of the government. We are also one of the remarkable companies who deals in SMS marketing and gives you instant results. We are aware of basic standards and procedures of messaging under the rules and regulations of the government.

We have carried out thousands of marketing campaigns for our clients that have generated successful results for their business. We create customized messages based on the demographic feature and essential needs of the consumers with the impressive and competent content, so that your people hit on the website within fraction of seconds. Though customers are always busy but they are also available on their mobile phones which give you an added advantage in spreading your word in the market.

Types of SMS Marketing Services We Provide

We do not send one message at a time but bulk SMS services are offered by us so to ensure that there is less chance of ignorance. All the messages sent are different from one another because as per the human psychology same SMS will create irritation and boring ambiance around and we do not want that to happen. So SMS marketing is designed in such a way to avoid this problem. Explore our services-

1. Promotional SMS Marketing

Our SMS services contain all the contents related to promotional news and market offers to your already existing and new clients. We send SMS without causing any disturbance to non DND numbers because we do not want the customers to get annoyed with us, hence decreasing our brand value.

2. Transactional SMS Marketing

This marketing service provided by our team of marketing professionals allows you to send just the transaction messages round the clock from your own e-mail ID. It sets you free from the set up cost and only involves secured OTP alerts.

3. SMS Gateways

We are one of the SMS Providers Company in Voice who is the best fit in such services across the world. By keeping this thing in mind that your customers should not to be charged much for transacting the messages so we work under the guidelines and rules of TRAI.


It is necessary to involve the use of applications to send SMS, so we have technical integrated system where SMS services from your website are linked with Logon Utility SMS API. Sending SMS in bulk by using Application Programming Interface is the best way to operate from your place directly.

Values That Speak About Our Services

Along with our services you get additional values that make you a budding brand among your relevant audience. Our values are very much grounded and attached to the core of the industry standards.

  • Immediate SMS delivery in bulk
  • Flexible and Easy Dashboard
  • Completely Secured Services
  • Fast Delivery and Support