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Tracking Analytics Services: Smart Selling

Spend Upon Techno Pearls Smart Selling Program!

Take a moment to think about all the efforts and money your organization spends to get new prospective customers. Make a comparison on how much expenses you make on the customer services team to more effectively convert your inbound call into booked appointments.

No matter what types of marketing strategies you're investing in, they all move to the same place. If your CSR team will not invest on the ultimate strategies, which help to assist your team’s booking percentage, all the resources spent on getting a prospective customer entirely will be wasted.

CSR Sales Funnel

What is Techno Pearls Smart Selling Program?

CSR Team Tracking: We would set up the specific CSR goals and offer you with the detailed scoreboards and progress reports.

Personalized Strategy- After properly reviewing your call log, we are going to identify your key strength and other improvement opportunities.

Bi-Weekly Coaching: Fully personalized curriculum and daily practice scene enhance the confidence of your customer support to get more and more appointments.

How Smart Selling Helps You Enhance Your Business

Let’s imagine your average revenue per job is $750 and you have a 45% booking percentage. If you have invested in a campaign to improve your CSR Booking Percentage to 55%, you’d improve your revenue by almost $19000 each month.

How It Perform?

1. It Commence With Call Handling Assessment

We would initiate with the deep intake meeting before implementing a detailed review of your call log-It includes recording and listening to every inbound phone call. We would check the key strengths of call handling team and offer you with call handling audit report 2-4 weeks after your intake.

2. Unique Strategy for Your Team Member

The innovative strategy for your call handling team will comprise a coaching plan and specific CSR goals along with bi-weekly sessions and detailed score card with the progress report. Furthermore to receiving our smart selling curriculum, our highly experienced coaches apply the smart selling concepts in practicing the call scenarios during the training period.

3. Track, Test, Tweak, and Repeat !!

It is quite essential to recognize that it is long process and must be uniquely practices and repeated over again and again for the improvement. With our motto at Techno Pearls, we use marketing strategies i.e. To Track>Test>Tweak>Repeat

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With Techno Pearls Smart Selling skills under your belt, you would be able to handle the complex phone calls confidently to offer better customer services and transform more calls into booked appointment.

Let us start today with a Call Handling Audit. Give us a call now!!!