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SEM or search engine marketing is a very effective way to increase your presence in search engines and attract highly qualified traffic to your website.

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Technopearls, a professional digital marketing agency helps its customers by providing them with effective solutions so that you as a growing service provider in your functional area get the desired results. We work on an extensive range of Social Media Marketing channels wherein, we measure your business ROI (Return on Investment), investment on your each advertising, paid clicks, lead generation, ranking reports, traffic reports, campaigning advertisements, conversion rate optimization and many more. We deliver you the profitable result that also helps to generate revenue through your paid ads that meet your business goals and targets. We can certainly make you achieve the success in your definitive area.

With the revolution in the invention of the internet, in this competitive world, there exist distinctive industries, which are serving various motives of its customers. Whether it is lifestyle, entertainment, education, heath, logistics and many other, business enterprises have established themselves as the brand icon. With the utmost hard work in creating a vast space in the hearts of the customers and brains of the consumers with the assistance of productive and qualitative marketing planning, we perfectly reckon the profession by promotion and no market strategy goes wasted if as a business person, you are able to come out with the differentiating factor.

SEO Services

Connect with user base searching online for the enterprises like yours with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A core component of Search Engine Marketing Services, SEO assists in generating brand awareness, traffic and ultimately helps in revenue generation.

Local SEO Services

Improve your awareness; visit the stores and sales with the local SEO. Enhancing visibility in search results with a local intent is one of the ideal ways for the businesses to reach to the nearby customers.

PPC services

Expedite your sales and revenue with Hyper-targeted paid ads across the online platform. This search engine marketing service is the essential for the businesses for driving instant sales.

Social Media Marketing

We attain expertise in your company’s social media pages so that you can generate lead from there also. We provide customized packages for Social Media Promotion.

Content marketing

We offer the customers with the right content they require for their platform like blogpost for making the purchase. The Search Engine Marketing Services assist the clients in enhancing their brand awareness of your company.

CRO services

We strive to build the finest website possible with the utmost conversion rate optimization (CRO). Tailor calls-to-action (CTAs), navigation features, and more to encourage sales and repeat visits.

Google Analytics consulting

Transform your website data by the search marketing service. You can get the insight into which metrics for the improvements like bounce rate, plus make sure tracking setup acts.

Explore Consulting Strategies

Are you looking for the expert search engine marketing company, which will help your business gain exposure in search engine results? Hire Technopearls, you digital marketing assistant.

SEM: Preferred Solutions for Digital Transformation

Marketing (SEM) which is one of the most preferred solutions used by SEO experts to make the collective pitch among your targeted audience who are trying hard to reach out to you. It not only includes paid advertising but also free marketing, ensuring to leave an impact on the users with delight.

Some of the frequently used networks for building partnerships used by us are Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Under Google Adwords, search engine marketing is done either by search related websites on search engine or on the extensions of Google like- Gmail, Blogger and Youtube. Bing Ads allows the marketers to post ads on Yahoo networks as well as Bing networks.

We make your marketing a bit easier and flexible with our pocket friendly SMM services. We also check your SEM score with the help of Adwords Performance Grader and give you the clear picture for the same.

Why Technopearls for SEM?

The SEM Solutions provided by the Technopearls experts will help you to generate real growth for your business. Our comprehensive search engine marketing services help the things happen by driving qualified leads and sales to your organization. Here are some best reason to hire us:

  • Custom SEM strategy
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Regular reporting
  • Transparent pricing
  • Advanced AI software
  • Work with an experienced SEM agency
  • Access advanced machine learning technology

How Our SEO Services Make a Big Difference

If you site ranking has started dropping, this is generally a sign that you have implemented outdated SEO Strategies. Google, your predominant search engine, transform the search engine algorithm, which are known as the search bots or web crawlers or search bots-to look for and favor distinctive type of page content. We strive to offer youbest SEO Service India with rich experience in all aspects of improving your web presence.

Assume if your website is new and you have not hired SEO experts, you may not be "findable" to search engines. An extensive and comprehensive SEO strategy is required to accomplish your goals. If you have registered any new domain, but you web page is not on the top position in Google Search List, this is a wonderful opportunity to get your business on the best footing to grow and prosper. Whatever stage you are at, Technopearls has highly experienced professional to get you moving. We are fully equipped with SEO service packages for all businesses.

Easy CRM Tools

We make use of CRM tools and techniques to build and manage relationships with our dedicated clients by offering update on daily activities. The tool is simple and easy used.

Organic Traffic

This term refer to the result from the searches, not the paid ads. Your page will display on the first page of the result, which will get most clicks.

Online Recognition

Online perceptibility is about receiving your presence and brand documented and visible. It means that your page authority increases with time, and is visible to users online.

Higher Sales

The outcomes of the first three bullets are going to be obvious - more sales! SEO done properly by SE0 specialists brings traffic & sales.

Dedicated Project Manager

We deeply understand the status of a personal touch that why we offer a devoted account manager for better direction and communication.

Faster Growth

By having your website SEO boosted to be found via search, you will glance the increase in most relevant searches and traffic, which helps in generating more revenue and faster growth.

Performance Tracking

Our Defined KPI's help us measure the true success & impact of the activities in the campaign. This helps you to justify the investment & measure positive ROI.

Frequently Asked Queries

Let's clear some doubts first.

SEM also known as Search Engine Marketing, which promotes websites by enhancing their visibility in the search engines, it is like an umbrella term, which comprises many activities, which comprises Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click, Social Media Marketing and so on.

We provide a fully tailor made service campaign as per the specific needs of our customers. Our accomplished sem services are designed by technocrats to ensure maximum satisfaction of the customers.

We have as of now worked so many reputed clients and become successful in bringing digital revolution for your business

Organic search engine results are known as the most real and natural search engine results. They are the listings of the websites on the specific search engine result pages, which are not paid and sponsored advertisements.

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We are well known 360 Degree Digital Marketing Agency that develop and promote your brand to grow!!!

Digital Strategy

Perfection is a lie but we like to turn it upside down. With attention to every detail, we nurture brands so that they can grow on digital and make the best of every platform they are on. We make it easier for you to manage outbound and incoming online interactions. With our efficient marketing strategy we help you to initiate a business plan and devise the best marketing strategy to streamline and consolidate your work.


Perfection is an illusion but we like to turn it upside down. With the deep attention to every minute detail, we diligently nurture brands so that they can enhance their presence on every platform. We strive hard to make it simple for you to properly manage inbound and outbound online interactions owing to efficient marketing strategy, we assist you to commence with a business plan and create a optimized market strategy to consolidate you work.


How web will assist you to grow your business? At Technopearls, we have skills and right aptitude to develop user-friendly and responsive website, which will compliment your business goals.


With the advanced technology taking place at the right speed than ever before, we will various mobile products with highly effective user interfaces to provide an enjoyable and intuitive experience. Whether your motive to maximize revenue and lure specific target audiences or for launching the new products, we have all the digital solutions for you.

Social Media

Which social media platform will yield best outcome for your business? Let our technocrats plan out for YOU! We have turned the companies transforming into brands through our dynamic content strategy, well defined campaigns, videos etc to transfer right message to the right audiences.

Online Media Buying

We always ensure that the hard-earned money you spend on the promotion would land on the right track and giving your brand- rocket mileage. We brainstorm our ideas into the vast ocean of our indepth research and let the number of shark taste our creativity and innovation.


We have one motto in mind that is to enhance the value and volume of the traffic through organic search results. We tell you what works and what doesn’t when it comes to having your brand come to the top.

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