Rich Internet Applications

SIMPLE TO USE AND QUICK PROCESSING TIME OF INFORMATION enables the rich internet applications worthwhile for any of the industry looking to follow the general standards recognized worldwide. Memorize yourself when you searched for the updated scoreboard of your favourite game and you have to reload the page again and again to get the updated information. Rich internet applications are implemented to provide get the updated live streaming info to the beforehand dynamic pages. Rich internet applications uses internet based applications, which exist in on the web and ensure the seamless process over the devices. Additionally, they provide interactive features and have cross- browser functionality, which can be positioned within any organization.

Rich internet applications development offers convincing user interface, which vigorously dynamically adjust to the updated information. No one likes to take obsolete and stale information without any lag. It protects immense bandwidth value and brings out the new level of synchronization across the various domains. Technopearls is always at the forefront of this revolutionary technology and believes in empowering the customers with the power of information. Real time information offer individual and organization an advantage and enhances to the efficiency. We assist you leverage the power of technical proficiency to develop an agile company.

Our Rich Internet Application development services integrate hi-tech technology to construct effective application to hinder the complexity of installation to perform independently on all the browsers. With the ever-increasing advancement of internet, there is an important requisite of internet application that is evolving among the people. It is the web browser based application that does not requires any additional software installation and run individually on the sand box. It is considered as the modern platform which enables the storage of image, text, audio or video in a friendly manner. The website that has static HTML webpages are now transformed to the new age Rich Internet Application which provides extended interaction of users. With the vast knowledge of technologies, technopearls- the top-notch rich internet applications, which will help you to enhance your sales, reach. Our world-class RIA meets your organization’s goals with advanced features, user-friendly UI, and robust functionality.

Our Comprehensive Rich Internet Application Offering

    • Customizing RIA application
    • IA consulting
    • Custom RIA design and development
    • RIA design and development in Angular JS with CSS standards
    • Design and development reusable javascript and Ajax components

Why Rich Internet Application?

Improvised Features

RIA makes enable the access of advanced functionalities like drop and drag the other options available for the desktop application.


RIA provides the smooth access to all the devices by minimize the requisite of reloading the page to proceed with next step.


The user could take the advantage of imagining the product and personalizing and customizing the service offerings.

Enriched User-Experience

RIA is well-known for its one-page application that minimizes the clicks made on the web pages and lessens the waiting time.

Seamless Integration

RIA can effortlessly assimilate with multiple systems and modules including the machine interfacing, quality control, material management and more.


Waterfall model is considered as the non-iterative process applicable in software development. In this process, the development movements downwards by following the phases such as requirement system design, gathering and analysis, testing, development, integration, and maintenance. In waterfall model, each stage is completed before starting the next phase.


The customized Rich Internet Application eases master item synchronization. With this unique feature, the constructors can save income through synchronization.

Our Technical Expertise

We are experts in handling the below mentioned technologies to develop the latest rich internet applications.

    • MVC (Model View Controller)
    • Angular JSASP
    • .NetBootstrap
    • CSS
    • HTML5
    • Microsoft Silverlight
    • Macromedia flex/flashSQL Server
    • SSRS
    • Crystal Reports
    • Telerik Reports

Our Project Development Models

Our extensive range of Rich Internet Application is made using waterfall and agile methodology. Our highly skilled project management team leverages those models to develop finest rich Internet applications.

Agile Methodology

The Agile methodology is an incremental software development model.

A portion of the well known deft strategies are scrum, outrageous programming, highlight driven turn of events and the sky's the limit from there. In dexterous, the product venture is created in gradual cycles – each cycle gives a little delivery which is construct dependent on the past deliveries. Each delivery is forced under quality confirmation testing to test the nature of the product.

RIAs or Rich web applications are the "Royal gems" of any program. These applications assist the designers with making a site more alluring, intelligent and wealthy in highlights. RIAs run on the client's internet browsers in a type of lightweight modules and for the most part don't need programming establishment on the client side to work. In addition, they are machine free, yet additionally equipped for running over any working framework.

We as a whole realize that a RIA runs inside any internet browser. Notwithstanding, a portion of these applications chip away at some particular programs just, and run ideally inside a confined climate. Those exceptional applications are called sandboxes.

Concealed Brains are Still Working during Covid-19

This is done because of some security explicit reasons, so customer frameworks don't get influenced in the event of some vindictive program being related with the application. This methodology brings down the measure of customer worker transmission capacity traffic and asset utilization. Accordingly, these Internet applications are otherwise called flimsy customers.

RIAs offer the best from the two universes: PC and the Internet. These applications are dispersed on the web, and gloat gigantically rich client intuitiveness. A RIA can be created utilizing various famous instruments like Ajax, Curl, GWT, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, Java, JavaFX, Mozilla's XUL, OpenLaszlo, and Microsoft Silverlight. Likewise, Google Maps and Google Docs are additionally notable instances of RIAs.

Rich Internet Application improvement has become the essential promoting reasoning for some organizations, anticipating using the Internet to the fullest for showcasing their business. These applications are changing the principles of business advancement in the online world and giving financial specialists a sharp edge over their opponents.

The greatest advantage of RIA improvement is that the client can associate with a site and utilize the use of without introducing it on the nearby framework. This capacity gives a ton of adaptability to the business measures.

RIAs can change the method of working together. The innovation behind making such applications can be effectively perceived and executed to create valuable online arrangements. It will absolutely improve the presence of a site over the Internet.

Indeed, numerous organizations have just multiplied their prosperity by actualizing rich Internet applications in their web tasks. Virtually every kind of utilization, including word processors, bookkeeping pages, internet games have been created under RIA.

In the present business world, the vast majority of the organizations anticipate securing the benefit of RIA innovation. YouTube is perhaps the greatest illustration of sites worked with RIA innovation (Adobe Flash and AJAX). RIA has a colossal network of programming engineers and money managers anticipating utilize the innovation for better outcomes.

Nowadays the vast majority of the seaward advancement organizations are offering RIA improvement administrations to their customers across the world. These organizations additionally offer extraordinary help administrations after the task conveyance.

Every one of these services can be profited at a small amount of the cost of utilizing a full time web engineer. The individuals who are searching for programming arrangements can re-appropriate their custom web advancement task to these organizations.