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Are you fed up with your Lead Pool?

Lead Recovery Service: Every business has its own situations wherein customer support inadvertently loses their leads. Did you ever wonder how much revenue you lost from the dropped leads. What if you could recover them by enhancing your sales at the fraction of your cost of generating the new leads?

With Techno Pearls Lead Recovery Services, you can make the most out of your pre-existing lead pool and therefore take the full advantage of your marketing expenditure. Have a glance how one contractor recovered over 200 lost leads with the lead recovery services.

With our comprehensive lead recovery services, your customer service representative call a customer back after he/she asks about your service but does not book an appointment on the initial telephonic call. During these recovery calls, your customer support representatives would ask the callers if they would still need the services and if there’s anything your company could do to help.

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Real-Time Lead Recovery Helps You Promptly Take Action on Dropped Leads

When your organization makes an investment in our lead recovery services, we would flag your call with the most appropriate details about specific opportunities and unconverted leads four times in a day. Your CSR’s could then use

Your CSRs can then use this information to quickly call back leads, maximizing their chances of converting into new sales. Even if the customer does not transform into a sale on the call back, your highly proficient team would show the customer they are valued. This would make the positive and unique impression on the clients and make sure that they would keep you remembered in the future. Do remember, a world-class customer service experience could make a difference between one time customer and referring customer.

Ways to Improve Your Leads from Your Existing Lead Pool

There are the couple of plans and strategies that can explain your CSR’s right away to ensure that you should not miss your valuable leads that includes:

Capture the Lead Information: You should ask for the name, contact numbers and exact location of the person, who is calling you on the phone to avoid losing your valuable leads. Our world-class call tagging services enabled us to recover otherwise; you will lose your valuable leads.

Before transferring your call, do not try to pass off the call too soon. Whether you transfer your call to someone else or to voicemail. It is important to maintain the customer data and reasons for calling. Otherwise, you will not have a chance to recover the same lead. Well-organized and careful lead organization is an essential practice if you want to make sure that you are adapting the maximum number of leads possible from your current lead pool.

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