Website Chat Services

Website Chat Services

More Leads, Higher Conversion Rates, Better Customer Communication

Customer expectations are getting higher than ever. Not only do they expect to instantly speak with someone but our customers also desire to instantly deal with the business they desire to.

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Techno Pearls chat service is the website chat services, which aims to make the communication of the person simple and instant. With both Artificial Intelligence-based and live chat capabilities, you can discuss customized hands off and on approach, enabling you to free up your CSRs’s timeline while providing prompt customer service.

Enhance Your Leads and Attain Better Customer Responses with Techno Pearls

It doesn’t stop there; either–other chat providers discourage phone calls. Tec does not. Seamlessly integrating with Techno Pearls phone call tracking techniques and all of your digital marketing campaigns, Techno Pearls provides all of your outlooks’ contact information (name, phone number, email, etc.) into the professional team hand and is stored in our branded results and reporting platform.

Connect with your customers and increase your bottom line with Techno Pearls !

Convert More Leads Without Lifting a Finger

Seamless, easy-to-use capabilities that increase conversion rates by enabling customers to communicate with you on their terms

Allows website visitors to find relevant information about your company and get their questions answered with powerful, custom AI capabilities

Puts key customer information (name, email address, phone number, source of the lead) in the hands of your team quickly via real-time email notifications or its optional live chat capabilities

Hands-Off Or Hands-On Approach

Supports both AI-enabled, instant responses or live chat with a customer service representative

Continually-learning, industry-specific AI capabilities that analyze the user’s question and intent to provide the next response

Ability to notify multiple team members of chats and leads, just like any other website contact form

Customization To The Max

    • Customizable, multiple talk tracks and responses tailored to your industry
    • Allows CSRs to jump into a live chat and take over for the AI-technology
    • Customers can chat online or use their mobile device to send texts and even voice messages, allowing customers to communicate with you on their terms

Better Insights And Reporting

Allows you to continually improve the customer’s experience when interacting with Blue Corona Chat by collecting and analyzing historical chat data

Includes a Google Chrome extension that enables CSRs to jump into current website chats and shows how many people are currently chatting

Includes dynamic phone call and integrated multi-channel tracking, including call recording, lead qualification, and more!

Techno Pearls Service Support

Unlimited chat activity with no usage limits

Industry-specific chat specialists on call

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