WordPress Website Design & Development

WordPress Website Design & Development

Transform Your Website into Revenue Generating Platform

Being the leading content management systems for every type of business enterprises right from the small scale business to the Fortune 500 Companies, Word Press is considered as the dynamic platform, which can be fully customized to provide support to your business goals.

WordPress is our Organization’s CMS of choice owing to its flexibility for B2C and B2B businesses. Our each and every word press web designing and development project is fully personalized, which means we do not implement cookie cutter themes or any plugins. We carve your website from scratch so that each and every detail implemented to your business is uniquely tailored as per your business.

Custom WordPress Design & Development Services

It doesn’t matter the company goal or size, Word Press is one of the versatile, flexible and easy to use CMS available today. The possibilities are uncountable and infinite as long as you are using the platform with the full potential.

Our highly diligent team is away there to assist you with maximum website success.

Word Press Website Development Service Portfolio

The below mentioned word press websites are completely planned designed and framed by the highly experienced professional team:

100% Customized Website Design and Development

Being an open-source CMS, Word Press enable our proficient team to draft the tailor-made template for each and every website projects. We initiate by using our fully secured code, bare-bobes boilerplate framework that is known as the skeletor to re-engineer WordPress API. This enables us to incept the core set of functions and layouts, which are 100% built exclusively for your website. We also ensure that everything is mobilized for all types of the tablets and smartphones, which supports all the major browsers.

Secure Coding

Our skeletor framework is constructed from the ground with the secure code as is everything, which develop on the pinnacle of it. The hundreds of WordPress Websites, we have maintained over the years, which has given us the expertise to make sure security protocols of your website.

Custom Integrations & Plugins

Whatever you require for your website performance, we strive hard to provide it. Word Press has a comprehensive library of the third party plugins but, we specialize in constructing distinctive tools, which are completely customized to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have viewed that our website website traffic gets the good ranking after a new launch because the team behind the development process do not prioritize SEO from the initial stage. Our experienced strategist are well versed in the planning and development tactics to prepare equip your WordPress website with all it needs to rank on the search engine results. We initiate by:

    • Make use of analytics tools to measure the performance of your current website.
    • Conducting the proper keyword research
    • To get the most appropriate URL structure
    • Assign the keyword to your new & existing pages.

Later on, our developers, designers, copywriters, project managers, strategist uses their SEO Expertise to frame a Word Press website that follows our high standards of SEO excellence.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Your dynamic new website is not useful if it is unable to convert the audience into the leads. Making use of Google Analytics, heat maps, session recordings and various other tools, we keep the data driver approach towards the CRO. Our well-experienced web strategist comprises A/B testing, content marketing, routine reporting and analyses, and other industry specific methods to better adapt your visitors.

Site Speed Optimization

Our web development philosophy is quite simple: we ensure that websites fast by not doing the belongings to slow them down. Our comprehensive work approach comprises:

    • Writing code that can quickly query databases
    • Setting up server and browser caching
    • Identifying a secure, reliable hosting provider
    • Utilizing a reliable content delivery network (CDN)
    • Optimizing all content for the web
    • Implementing the latest stable version of PHP
    • Minifying and concatenating code

Multilingual and Multisite Development

If you require a website constructed on the multiple regions (multisites) or languages (multilingual), our proficient developers can construction a unified Word Press solution to make your work process easier. We would fully customize a website structure for a smooth user experience for both you and your visitors.

Accessibility Essentials

Our comprehensive Word Press Websites are constructed with the fundamentals of the availability. The extent to which your website page is required to be reachable could be customized however you require and we ensure follow all the rules of:

    • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
    • Data Privacy Essentials

Many times, the burden of safety falls on the so it’s essential that your website has a prominent hosting providers with the proper security measures and firewall emplaced.

Why Choose Vital?

    • Word Press Obsessed: We have more than a decade experience of Word Press. At this point of time, we understand it better.
    • Follow 100% Custom Development Process: we ensure No third-party frameworks or starter themes. We develop each and every website from the ground up.
    • Feature enabled on the Front Page of CodePen.io — A Lot: Our highly experienced developers are popular on many reputed online communities for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    • Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategies: Our team takes the data from our digital marketing projects to implement tried-and-tested best practices , which are applicable to every website we build.

Are You Ready to speak with our WordPress experts? We can’t wait to talk to you about your website.