Retargeting Services

Retargeting Services

Want to Display Retargeting by marketing to prevailing customers and unconverted web visitors-can increase conversion rates 50% or more. Our regular retargeting services provide most successful campaigns with the use of careful strategies, precise messaging, technical proficiency, and persuasive designs.

While working with us, you should expect reliable communication and work procedure, technical expertise and strategic campaign management in each and every facet of your retargeting services.

Techno Pearls: A Topnotch Retargeting Company Based on Lead Generation

Lead Validation & Reporting

We stand above all the retargeting companies as we carefully listen to every call and go through every enquiry form submitted from your retargeting campaign and then display them in real time through the online dashboard. Our customers would be able to review and take the necessary action on leads while they are still new and we are proficient in optimizing your campaign off validated leads despite basic conversion data.

Strategic Campaign Management

Retargeting Services should be carefully ornamented. Your online campaign should be perfectly coordinated from start to finish by a diligent account manager, who is highly experienced and skilled at both managing communication and developing strategy. This enables continuous improvement, maximum transparency and continuity.

Technical Expertise

Brilliant creative work goes only so far in retargeting. Without accurate lead tracking and knowing which elements, knowing which attributes of the campaign are working and which are not crucial to impossible. Our in-house team of technicians and analysts is highly skilled offering you with the accurate data necessary to retarget successfully.

Retargeting Services

Did you ever come across the advertisement, which seems to be the direct response to your current browsing activity? That means you've been retargeted. We could help you do that for your prospective customers.

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Retargeting: How It Works

Ad Retargeting is a kind of PPC Advertising. The advertiser configures their ad campaigns to target the specific web users, which is based on earlier internet activity that could be discerned through the third party data and cookies. This enables advertisers to do bidding, which targets users in which browsing history makes them more likely to click on the advertisement.

Retargeted Ads could target those users who had previously interacted with your website or your brand products. For instance, a potential customer might have glanced at the specific product categories on your website. This is popularly known as website retargeting.

Alternatively, retargeted ads can be served to users who have never interacted with your brand, but have shown interest in other brands and product pages that are similar to yours. This is called dynamic retargeting.

How Techno Pearls Help?

Being a Part of PPC Management Service, Techno Pearls will assign a account manager to focus on retargeting campaigns across the following platforms:

    • Microsoft Advertising (Bing and Yahoo)
    • Facebook Custom Audiences
    • Syndication Networks (Outbrain and Taboola)

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