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Are you really apprehensive about your negative posts? Desire for proactively building the brand and maintaining cordial connections with your customers? Be it a business house, individual celebrity or professional, you should put your extreme faith in our digital know-how to bring in the attractive online reputation for you.

How Can We Help You?

    • Promote your brand’s positive image
    • Influence SERP suggestions and results
    • Sway customer decisions
    • Enhance interaction with your customer
    • Monitor your reputation

According to the name given, online reputation management also known as ORM is the full-fledged process of perfect management of the perception that arises about the corporate entity or even an individual on the online platform, on the web based networking sites and social media and also on SERPS also known as Search Engine Result Pages. One another term we use for it is Corporate Reputation Management. This service is also known as the Brand Reputation Management whose online reputation is managed as the brand entity despite the corporate.

Our Comprehensive Portfolio

1. Brand Reputation Management Services

You online reputation popularizes your brand and enables you to build your reputation

2. Reputation Management Services for Corporates

Maintain you trust and mitigate your business risk with the help of review monitoring and influencer strategies.

3. Reputation Management for Celebrities

Fame is the game perfectly played with proper arrangement! Choose Techno Pearls for your Help!!!!

4. Hotel Reputation Management Services

We manage and monitor patient reviews for a better reputation!

5. Google Recovery Services

We perfectly manage the patient reviews for a better reputation!

6. Restaurant Reputation

We manage and monitor patient reviews for a better reputation!

Techno Pearls’ ORM Strategy

Reputation Monitoring

With our ORM Services, we primarily monitor the existing web data of your organization and your products. Our world-class software assists you in keeping a vigil eye on the professional journalism and content created by the users including blog and blog comments.


Techno Pearls will actively involve the negative outcomes and reviews and at the same moment, create and promote positive content on various platforms, which are relevant to your brand and company.

Increase accessibility

We will assist you in creating dynamic ways to become more customer friendly and accessible in terms of the online interfaces you opt for interacting with and offering information to the online users.

Process of Online Reputation Management

The process we always follow depicts that Online Reputation Management is

The process we follow for online reputation management services is simple and includes the following:

1. Promotion of the emerging or present positive content

2. Social Media Profile Creation and New Content

3. Actively involved on Social Media Platforms through Blogging, Forum posting and Social Media Networking.

4. Responding to negative reviews on different online media.

ORM versus SEO

Generally, Online Reputation Management is associated with SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization and it adopts the same techniques. However the goals are entirely different from SEO. ORM Services is provided to promote the positive or neutral content about the brand entity including Brand, Individual or company despite generating more traffic in context to the certain keywords. The prime goal is to keep down the negative results shown on SERPs so that they are visible to the fewer people who are searching for the identity.

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