E-Mail Marketing

Creating Scalable, Valuable and Personal Touches

Do you know what happened if your e-mail campaign goes to the spam folder? It becomes a wasteful resource for your business and will hamper your promotional process very badly. Necessarily it will not be the condition every time but if you will not pay attention it this, it can become a serious concern after all you need your website to get clicked first by your user. An outstanding design and communicative e-mail content is the framework on which technical minds work and leaves you with best search results ever. Sometimes your e-mail does not help out to catch the attention of your consumers. In that scenario what is the better option.

E-mail marketing is the only answer to the question. It is also one of the discrete, target specific method which helps in attracting the specific audience towards your business. At first place it is important to understand your market well in order to grab the user attention and compel them to opt for your products and services. This type of marketing has emerged as one of the powerful techniques to understand the needs of your user communities. If you are looking around for such services then, we are one stop destination in the market for delivering result-oriented interactions among your consumers who will contribute in acknowledging your business territory very well. We not only work to create one specific communication but take the charge of building brand communications and links effectively.

We have an open and transparent system to measure your business dynamics. We follow some e-mail metrics based on some themes within your budget that work on each and every click from your users. We run various e-mail campaigns that are easily tracked by our e-mail tracker, ensuring each of your mail has been delivered, read, responded or deleted. Modernized e-mail tools are used by us to get you deeply connected with your subscribers through newsletters and other information.

Extraordinary Features for Maximum Conversion Rates

Across all the business verticals, we are well known among our customers as the great lead generators to provide instant results through bulk e-mail marketing. We designed all kinds of transactional and e-mails for marketing that produce more and more revenue through your product selling. Our e-mail marketing process comes with properties like-

• Automatic E-mail Alerts- We frame out our informative e-mails and send them immediately whenever user completes or hit a call to action button on our website.

Managing Subscription- A personalized approach towards connecting through the people through subscription of your services frequently will help to increase the conversion rates.

Scheduling of Campaigns- This form of campaigning gives you the power of scheduling a your whole event or post outreach to the mass instead of sending it to one contact

Customized Templates- Every time text based content will look boring and lose the interest of the consumers, so visually impressive styled templates are used to create distinctively different e-mails.

Testing and Previewing- A preview e-mail is send on the different e-mail Id with all the important tags to avoid last minute hustle and confusions.

Listing- Categorizing the customers and sending the content as per their products and services will give you rise in Return on Investment (ROI).

Demographic Reporting- With this process you can monitor your click, open or deleted e-mail reports based on the location of your targeted customers.

E-mail Experts with Qualitative Deliverables

Our e-mail services make use of simple control panel integrated with continuous tech support that can also give you the authority to operate by yourself. We provide top class quality trustworthy cloud based SMTP servers along with multiple IP addresses, ensuring satisfactory results. The systematic method for bulk e-mail services keeps the customer’s presence in the targeted market so that your business enjoys the attention.